Rizonib 250 mg (Crizotinib)

Rizonib 250 mg (Crizotinib)
Rizonib (Crizotinib), general Xalkori is a traditional drug used to treat ALK (Anaplastic Carcinoma Kinase) OR ROS1 Advanced Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer (NSCLC) which is extended to another corridor of the body. Rizonib is manufactured by Drug International Pharma Ltd. in Bangladesh.

Have to take orally doubly diurnal with/ without food.

Side Effects
The most common adverse responses (≥ 25) are

Visual disturbancenausea, diarrhea, puking, edema, constipation, elevated transaminase, fatiguedropped appetite, upper respiratory tract infection, dizziness, and neuropathy.
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