Biganib 180 mg (Brigatinib)

Biganib 180 mg (Brigatinib) is used to treat a certain type of non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) that has spread to other parts of the body.
Composition Biganib Each tablet contains Brigatinib INN 90 mg.
Biganib-180 Each tablet contains Brigatinib INN 180 mg.

Suggestions Biganib is indicated for the treatment of cases with anaplastic carcinoma kinase (ALK)-positive metastatic-small cell lung cancer
(NSCLC) who have progressed on or are intolerant to Crizotinib.

Lozenge and Administration The recommended dosing authority for Biganib is
• 90 mg orally formerly daily for the first 7 days;
• If 90 mg is permitted during the first 7 days, the cure should be increased to 180 mg orally formerly daily. Biganib should be administered until complaint progression or inferior toxicity. However, treatment should be proceeded at 90 mg formerly daily for 7 days before adding to the preliminarily permitted cure, If Brigatinib is intruded for 14 days or longer for reasons other than adverse responses. Biganib may be taken with or without foodCases should be instructed to swallow tablets wholeTablets shouldn’t be crushed or chewed. However, a fresh cure shouldn’t be administered, and take the coming cure of Brigatinib should be taken at the listed time, If a cure of Brigatinib is missed or puking occurs after taking a cure. Or, as directed by the registered croakers.
Use in Gestation and Lactation There are no clinical data on the use of Brigatinib in pregnant women. However, if the
If this medicine is used during pregnancy. However, advise the case of the implicit threat to a fetus, If the case becomes pregnant while taking this medicine.

Packing Brigatinib Each box contains 30 tablets in a fester pack.

Biganib-180 Each vessel contains 30 tablets in a box.


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