Trombola 50 mg (Eltrombopag Olamine)


Trombola 50 mg, featuring Eltrombopag Olamine, crafted by Ziska Pharmaceuticals Ltd., signifies a significant leap forward in addressing certain hematologic conditions. As the global distributor and oncology information provider, Supplier Saif Pharma plays a pivotal role in disseminating critical information about Trombola to healthcare providers and patients worldwide.

Description and Usage:

Trombola 50 mg, powered by Eltrombopag Olamine, serves as a treatment for thrombocytopenia in patients with chronic immune thrombocytopenia (ITP) who have inadequately responded to standard therapies. Additionally, it aids in managing thrombocytopenia in patients with chronic hepatitis C virus infection, allowing for the initiation and maintenance of interferon-based therapy. By stimulating platelet production from megakaryocytes in the bone marrow, Eltrombopag Olamine elevates platelet counts, mitigating the risk of bleeding episodes. Trombola 50 mg has been formulated to contain less than 2% of inactive ingredients, ensuring purity and minimizing the risk of adverse reactions.

Clinical Applications:

Clinical studies demonstrate Trombola’s efficacy in increasing platelet counts and reducing bleeding episodes in patients with chronic ITP and chronic hepatitis C-associated thrombocytopenia. It offers a valuable treatment avenue for individuals unresponsive to conventional therapies or ineligible for splenectomy. Moreover, Trombola facilitates interferon-based therapy initiation and maintenance in chronic hepatitis C patients, addressing this comorbidity effectively.

Adverse Effects and Safety Profile:

While generally well-tolerated, Trombola 50 mg  may elicit common adverse effects such as headache, fatigue, and gastrointestinal discomfort. Close monitoring of liver function tests is advised due to potential hepatotoxicity. Patients with hepatic impairment require cautious use, necessitating regular monitoring for adverse effects. Education and regular follow-up appointments with healthcare providers are vital for adverse effect management and optimal treatment outcomes.

Manufacturer and Supplier Information:

Ziska Pharmaceuticals Ltd. ensures Trombola’s manufacture upholds the highest standards of quality and innovation. Supplier Saif Pharma, as the global distributor, ensures efficient access to Trombola for patients and healthcare providers worldwide.

Oncology Information Provider Section:

Supplier Saif Pharma, a trusted information source, empowers healthcare providers involved in hematologic conditions management. Through educational resources and clinical support, Supplier Saif Pharma enhances treatment outcomes in hematology.

Clinical Research:

Ongoing research explores Trombola’s potential applications in various hematologic disorders beyond chronic ITP and chronic hepatitis C. Investigational studies delve into its efficacy in aplastic anemia, myelodysplastic syndromes, and chemotherapy-induced thrombocytopenia. Long-term effects, treatment adherence, and quality of life assessments are under scrutiny to optimize Trombola’s utility across diverse patient populations.

Patient-Centric Support Programs:

In addition to therapeutic benefits, Trombola prioritizes patient-centered care through comprehensive support programs. Supplier Saif Pharma offers financial assistance, medication adherence support, and psychosocial resources, ensuring holistic patient support.

Global Access and Affordability:

Supplier Saif Pharma champions equitable access to Trombola globally. Collaborations with healthcare organizations and advocacy for fair pricing policies promote universal healthcare coverage, addressing access disparities.

Community Engagement and Advocacy:

Supplier Saif Pharma spearheads community outreach and advocacy efforts to raise awareness about Trombola. By fostering collaboration among stakeholders and advocating for policy changes, Supplier Saif Pharma aims to improve hematologic health outcomes globally.

Innovation and Collaboration:

The collaboration between Ziska Pharmaceuticals Ltd. and Supplier Saif Pharma propels advancements in hematology. By synergizing expertise and resources, they address evolving patient needs and foster innovation in hematologic care, ensuring Trombola’s meaningful impact in thrombocytopenia management and beyond.

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